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Art is Child's Play for the Immaculate

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

All this time at the zoo

now I’m acting like an animal too.

Getting possessed by the spirit of the jaguar at night

Passion is much like love in the principle of application

Since passion is the dignified reason that

Gives Existence Meaning.

Music, art, dance, together with each and every expression, is a lucid outburst

of pure, sweet, passion.

Why do our everyday routine?

Why be studious in the manner of excelling and

reaching personal goals? If not done with passion, why do it at all?

The answer lies immersed within us.

But the amount of excitement and affection is evident just by the way we devote ourselves.

Passion is the heartbeat of love.

It’s what makes a love so irresistibly potent,

The completed equation that solves for loving ourselves.

The quantum leap from creation to creator.

I have fallen deeply in love with the details of each and every thing that surrounds me, I obsessively look for patterns in floorboards and leaves in the trees. I look at people as if I had just gained my vision after being blind my entire life.

Through this insatiable curiosity I came to the epiphany, we are taught the opposite.

We think too much and Feel too Little

My mission is to break down this barrier and make people feel as intensely as I do.

Throughout the course of time, many different analogies have been made of

Love and Lust.

Through, metaphysics, psychology, and biochemistry.

However, love is far more than just oxytocin and dopamine being secreted from the Hypothalamus.

It is the purest expression of neuroscience

And the deepest understanding of another soul.

When I love I am the Universe Discovering Itself

In the final analysis, regardless of one’s gender or sexual

Orientation, all men, and women at one point will have loved another.

It is raw human nature,

To love and be loved.

And Art is Child’s Play for the Immaculate

- © 2022 Isabella Endémica ISAVIBE

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